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Analyzes and manipulates data files
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Reads data files, analyzes them, extracts samples, and manipulates them. Works with data from PCs, mainframes, printer reports, etc.

Improve your auditing performance
With IDEA's powerful functionality you can improve your performance and extend your capabilities. Designed by auditors for auditors.
Detect fraud
IDEA's free-form Search function is just one reason why IDEA is the most powerful and complete data analysis software available today to assist you in the detection of fraud.

Increase your value
You know how to plan and conduct an audit. Let IDEA help you get more work done in less time. IDEA has a combination of functions and features, not found in any other product, to help you work more efficiently, effectively and add more value to your organization or clients.

You don't have to be a technical specialist
IDEA can be used by financial auditors as well as IT auditors. A combination of extensive HTML-based Help, Informative User Guide with tutorial, "IDEAassistants" — wizards for key functions, Windows-standard features like Right Click and Drag and Drop, plus a carefully designed user interface make learning and using a breeze.

Main features:

- Creates a record of all changes made to a file (database) and maintains an audit trail or log of all operations, including the import and every audit test, carried out on the database. Each entry is tagged with the user ID from the Windows login.
- Allows you to import and export data into a multitude of formats, including formats for large mainframe computers and accounting software. Can read and process millions of records in seconds. There is no limit to the number of records that IDEA can process.
- Compares, joins, appends, and connects different files from different sources.
- Extracts specific transactions, identifies gaps (for example, in a check number sequence), or duplicates.
- Profiles data by summarizing, stratifying, or aging the files
- Creates useful file statistics automatically.
- Displays the data and your results graphically.
- Creates samples using several different sampling methods.


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